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Nice Flight in the DA62

What is a DA62 good for? In real life, it is obviously a plane that offers affordable flying with the extra safety of two engines, something a rich family would use for traveling. But in the simulation, a three-hour flight at 160 knots becomes boring quite soon. You can double or quadruple up the ground speed but lose all realistic feeling.

For me, the best use of this nice plane is for short VFR hops. The visibility out of the cockpit is a bit restricted, however. I am still waiting for the Lancair Legacy by SkunkCraft which should have superb panoramic sight. Meanwhile, this is a plane that looks good and flies well. The Eclipse is a jet and much faster and does not really feel well for sightseeing. The SIAI Marchetti, my other favorite, flies very well and close to real-life but lacks the heavier twin-engine feeling.

So, I am flying the DA62 for now. It is a fun plane for short visits around an airport. Above I am doing a visual flight in the Southern part of Lake Garda in Italy s…
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EDJA - fixed Gateway Version

Some time ago, I did the gateway version of EDJA, adding a terminal building which is closer to real life, and improving a lot of other details. But it is now time to revisit the airport and include the most recent changes. Unfortunately, I am not sure if this gets recommended.
The ATC frequencies need to be updated, and the airport needs a departure frequency for runway flows. I selected Munich radar for that.Runway flows were added. 24 is used in calm winds.The runway was changed to a more real-life look by using a displaced threshold instead of a runway extension. Thus the approach lights on the extended runway disappear and you can use the extension for backtracking turns. Moreover, the arrows are now as in real life instead of the yellow guides.The runway is flattened because it is unflyable in the default scenery otherwise.I aligned the runway more precisely to the localizer.Unfortunately, I do not know a way to get rid of the ALG transmission tower close to the threshold of run…

The Aerobask DA62 - a short Review

Some GA aircraft get my special attention because they are so well done that it is always a joy to fly them. My favorites are the SIAI Marchetti SF260 and the Aerobask Eclipse 550 NG, by quite different reasons. The Marchetti feels incredibly authentic in the air, and air taxi Eclipse is a joy to handle. The Diamond DA62 is not far behind.

First of all, it features a Garmin 1000 equipment which actually can be found in a real plane with some omissions. The P3D version from Vertex offers only a little bit more. Aerobask enhanced that default X-Plane equipment with features that make it more easy to handle. I have never been a big friend of the Garmin 1000 and prefer the GTN like in the SkyView system or the Reality XP trainer. That is one of the reasons I am not a fan of the simulated TBM 900. But with the ability to scroll and click into the screens as an alternative to the cumbersome dials and rotaries, the G1000 becomes a lot more attractive in a simulated environment.

In the heat …

X-Plane 11 - Comparing FPS

The FlightFactor A320 is known to need more computer power than other planes. Since we do not know the internals of the code we cannot say if this is due to lack of optimization or to the complicated interplay of the simulated systems. If I had to make an educated guess I'd say that the code for the displays needs some optimization, first of all. In the end, it is just a fact that we have to accept for the moment.

I like to put this into perspective and measure it a bit more closely. I have done so before, but I'm now on a completely different computer, featuring a Core I7 8700K boosting to 4.3Ghz with 32 GB RAM and an 8GB GTX 10180 graphics card. The rest of the components of the system are also among the better ones on the market.

The following is a list of FPS when standing at Gate 12 in default EDDN with APU running (Avionics on and engines off for the general aviation aircraft). This is with the default scenery, no additional autogen or Ortho scenery. The view is the vie…

Flight Log - Evening flight into Bergamo

I should really start my series of flight logs again. After all, flight simulation is not only about configuring and learning, but also about enjoying flights. It is the next best thing to real flights.

This is a flight from Munich to Bergamo using the FlightFactor A320 Airbus. The sun is about to set and the skies are only partly cloudy. It should be a nice flight. The flight plan, simply from AvitTab,  was

You see me on my way out of Munich at entry S7 to 08L. There is a departure directly to OBAXA.

This is sunset from the cockpit, and below from over the wing. The view down to the alps is just simply great.

Here is another shot at FL240 featuring the plane from the outside. You can see the airport LIME of Bergamo in the distance.

The approaches and departures in Bergamo are somewhat tricky. Due to the alps, you have to arrive from the South and depart to the South, overflying Bergamo. But the arrival to ILS 28 from LUSIL is in the …

X-Plane - Flying with the VKB Joystick

I have two setups to fly X-Plane. One is the reliable T16000M by Thrustmaster and the other is the VKB Gladiator II (image above). I use both with the TWCS by Thrustmaster (image below). Using the Thrustmaster T16000M only is a very simple solution. It works, but you do not only lose a fine control of the thrust, but also a tiller axis and some other options.
The VKB is superior to the T16000M. The reason is that it has much finer control near the center. If you find it difficult to keep your plane steady and stable in pitch this might be the reason. Setting the control sensitivity to 100% helps, but it is still not as good as the sensors inside the VKB.
The VKB has disadvantages too. First of all, it has a much harder spring for the tilt axis. I find it very uncomfortable to use this axis for the rudder. If you have rudder pedals this is no problem, of course. I cannot use rudder pedals here, so I use the vertical axis of the TWCS with two fingers. The VKB is also not configurable f…

X-Plane User flies Prepar3D and FSL A320 X

I have a P3D license (Academic) since quite some time but was done with that simulator since the arrival of X-Plane 11. There are only three reasons to return occasionally: The RealAir Lencair Legacy, the FlightSimLabs Airbus A320 X, and the PMDG Boeing 737. Above, you see the Legacy at sunset in Memmingen airport EDJA. I did this airport in ADE a long time ago. Don't the sunrays look great? Although the lens effect is a matter of taste.

To reinstall P3D 4.5 is a major effort. I did not buy anything new but had to download a lot of stuff nevertheless to get the most recent version that would work with P3D 4.5.
Obviously, I had to download and installed about 9GB of P3D from the Lockheed server.The default scenery is ugly and unbearably bad. So I installed the recent version of FTX Central 3 and pressed, logged in the buttons to install Orbx Global, Vector and OpenLC Europe, plus the new library version of Orbx. This takes quite some time and downloads several GB. The installation …