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Video - Demonstration - Zibo Mod 738 - LFST-EHAM

I did a lot more flights with the Zibo B800x. Above is my departure from Frankfurt to Munich. Again, I had to handle a go-around in Munich with Traffic Global which was no problem in this plane, even though I flew it completely manually.

I also did a lot of pattern work to get the correct feeling for the landing. I should make another video featuring this kind of flying.

The more I fly it, the more I like it. It has developed quite a lot since I first used it. Some details that did not work then now work as expected. So I made a video featuring version 3.29, flying from Strasbourg to Amsterdam.
Youtube Link Being an Airbus guy, I struggled a bit with the trim after takeoff. But everything was okay in the end with a smooth landing. I had to kill an AI plane of Traffic Global that appeared in front of me in the approach all of a sudden, however. This kind of stuff does not keep me from recommending the addon. It helps a lot to be more aware that there could be other traffic.
Below is st…
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Flying the Zibo Mod Boeing 738 (3.38.42)

The Zibo Mod 738 is certainly one of the best airplanes we have for X-Plane. We should hurray this developer wherever we can. What he has done to the default Boeing 737 is truly amazing. Even though I am an Airbus guy, I often cannot resist this wonderful plane. Let me tell you why.

To start with it looks great, outside and inside. The fuselage is done to the best standards of X-Plane, and so is the virtual cockpit. There is no comparison to the PMDG 737 we were flying in P3D. Since I just uninstalled this simulator I am not even tempted to try their new and updated version. I do not think I am missing anything.

The flight I did was from Strasbourg to Amsterdam in a KLM livery. Again, I added traffic using JustFlight's Traffic Global. The TCAS showed the planes around me with no problems.

What I like very much is the big AviTab tablet on both sides. It is sharper than the Toliss version, by the way. You can use it to display a map or a chart as in the images above. And it does al…

Flying the Toliss A319

I have written numerous times about the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate, always with an eye on its only competition, the Toliss A319. I have also written about the differences. Some of them are subtle. My overall conclusion is and has always been that the FlightFactor A320 feels more immersive to me, even when I am doing just ordinary flight legs for fun.

But the Toliss is a strong competition. I would go as far as recommending it over the FlightFactor, mainly due to its superior performance, but also due to other details.

If you look closely at the front cone in the images above you see some rather coarse modeling. But that may be one of the secrets to the superior performance of this plane. It manages to keep simple and still look great.

The same strategy continues on the virtual cockpit. It feels a bit distorted, especially in VR. The night lighting could also be better, but that would almost certainly add GPU stress. So, I consider it okay.

The same reduction applies to the rain effec…

No Turbulence in the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate

I read in several forums that the FlightFactor A320 shows not turbulence. That is not completely true, but close. There is more to say.

First of all, I made a video demonstrating turbulence in X-Plane 11.41 in various planes, including the FlightFactor Airbus. Please watch and come back to read my conclusions.
Comparison Video in X-Plane 11 As you see, the planes behave quite differently.

In the video, I set a layer for which the "Turbulence" slider is set a bit to the right. X-Plane still calls that "mild turbulence". The effect on the planes that use the flight dynamics of X-Plane is a random yawing, pitching and rolling motion. Many pilots think that this is not quite the way it should be, but close. You will easily find some videos of real flights in turbulent conditions. Here are some examples:
Citation VCirrus R20Cessna 172TBM 700Airbus As you see, especially in the Cessna video which features heavy turbulence, turbulence can induce sudden rolls if one wing cu…

FlightFactor Boeing 757/767 - new Cockpit Version

For the 757, we got a new glass cockpit version instead of the old analog clockwork some time ago. Now they did the same paid upgrade for the 767. I do not own the 767, but the 757. It was a very good airliner before and it got even better now.

I took it for a flight from Munich to Geneva, my favorite flight. The weather on the approach was very foggy. However, the plane managed everything very nicely. It is best to take care of the approach speed yourself. Switch to LVL CHG at approximately 30 miles out and set the speed or even the descend rate in V/S mode. You should approach the start of the descent in SPR at 7000ft with Flaps 5 and no more than 180kts. This allows starting the G/S with Flaps 10.

The Airbus or Boeing 737 captain must remember to press EPR instead of TOGA. In all other respect, this is quite an ordinary airplane with a conventional Boeing FMC.


JarDesign Airbus A320 - Another Test

How times fly! I flew the JarDesign Airbus two years ago when there was no other option. Due to a Facebook conversation, I promised to test the new version once more. For this, I had to download the updated version (3.4R3) using a forum link, reactivate it and configure the views once more. The new version says that it does not want to be copied over the old version.

The plane still looks very pleasant and I won't complain about this. The realism in the cockpit is close enough for me. The main point, however, that sets this addon apart is the copilot (PNF) integration. The other guy can check flaps and gears, and even read checklists. I like that a lot.

I used the menu at the left border, but it can be disabled now using the MCDU menu. This seems to be the only way to remove the chocks, by the way. And the checklist seems to work only with this menu.

The systems of the plane have improved a lot. E.g., you can now enter several airways at once, and it does no longer descend after …

JustFlight Traffic Global - Review

A nice feature of any flight simulator is the simulation of traffic in the air and on the ground. Of course, you can just fly on your own to learn how to handle an airplane or to try procedures. But in the long run and for the fun part, the simulation should provide some interaction with the surrounding world. Humans are social beings.

One idea to get some unpredictable world around you is to log into online communities, such as VATSIM or IVAO. Unfortunately, these communities are often quite lonely places. Controllers are too rare and other simmers appear only in the main hours. The quality of the pilots leaves also a lot to be desired. It is a fun place and you can even learn a lot about aviation. But it does not match real controlled airspace.

Another idea is social flying in formation or in shared cockpits. For good reasons, this is a part of many platforms of online gaming. The lonely geek playing Tetris staring into a screen is no longer a desirable sight. X-Plane does not supp…