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Toliss A319 - Update

The Toliss has been updated yesterday. Of course, I had to try this immediately, especially on my new hardware. I must say it impressed me quite a lot!

As you know, I am a big fan of the competition, but it slowly falls behind unless the main developer finally wakes up. It is still way ahead in the way it simulates the internal systems or the cockpit interface if you care to look closely. Or more clearly: If the FlightFactor Airbus was completed it would be way ahead. But that is wishful thinking, and the Toliss gets more and more features that are simply missing in the incomplete FlightFactor simulation.

The frame rates were great. I switched on the rain and reflection effects and still got FPS above the 40 throughout the flight in 8xSSAA and high textures as well as high object density over Ortho scenery. In another flight, the frame rates dropped when approaching an area with a lot of autogen buildings, but stayed solid above 30. In comparison, the FlightFactor is 5-10 FPS lower. …
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CPU and GPU update

What a difference! I updated my graphics card from the 1050 TI to the 1080, and my CPU from the Core I7 6700 to a 8700, running at 3.6 GHz at base frequency, boosting to over 4 GHz. Consequently, the FlightFactor A320 updates from 25-30 FPS on average to 35-45 FPS on average and never goes below 30 FPS. I have no 4xSSAA on all the time, finder textures and a higher object density. The Toliss is even a bit better, and GA aircrafts like the newly acquired DCH-1 (more on this in another posting, but you can find a video here) are in the 50-70 range.

The difference in the texture quality is even more astounding at night. Moreover, there is no more problem with the lights and the terminals. That plagued me in the past due to lack of VRAM on the 1050 TI (4GB only). Even 8xSSAA is possible as in the image below. The FlightFactor A320 goes down to 35 FPS with that much anti-aliasing.

Anyways, flying is a lot more fun now. Keep tuned for updates!

FlightFactor A320 Ultimate vs. Flightsim Labs A320 X

I have been asked on Youtube to compare the Airbus A320 X by FlightSimLabs for P3D with the FF A320 Ultimate. What a difficult task! Both are very complex airplanes running in very complex simulators. I try to give a short advice nevertheless.

The first comparison is quite obvious: The FSL costs 140€ and the FF only 90€ at regular sale. However, if you have spend hundreds for P3D scenery or utilities you may still want the more expensive one. If not, you are far better of with the FF and the X-Plane environment money-wise. But let us assume you have both simulators and don't have the money to buy both Airbusses.

So here is my set of points that should help you decide.
If you want or need to simulate abnormal procedures, maybe even for real life training, you need to go for the FSL Airbus. The FF Airbus is not yet that advanced, and we do not know when it is going to be. FlightFactor keeps telling us that it will happen. At this time, however, FSL is your only choice. Note, that yo…

Anaglyph Screenshots

The image is a red/cyan anaglyph. You will need red/cyan glasses to see that properly. If you found some try it! The effect is awesome.

Here is how to do it (needs Photoshop):
If anything is moving in your scenery pause the simulation.Take an image like the one above in X-Plane. May keyboard setting for that is Shift-Space. You can set any key for that. If you have 3jFPS running you can set another key for a screenshot in high quality scenery.Set a key for "move view left slow". Mine is Ctrl-Left. Then press this key 3-4 times.Take another shot at the new position.Open both images in Photoshop.Copy one as a layer on top of the other. You can mark all with Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C and paste with Ctrl-V into the first shot.Make the first one a layer by converting it from background to a layer. Just double click the in the list of layers and press OK to save it as a layer.Change the fill options for the image that represents the view from the right eye by disabling the blue channel. You …

Flight Video - LSZH to EDDN

I did a long video (warning!) from Zurich to Nuremberg in the FlightFactor Airbus A320, Beta 0.9.4 on Youtube. I am talking a lot about gateway sceneries, the FF Airbus, FPS and addons. Gibe me a like or raise your voice in the comments.

Checking FPS in X-Plane

For my own records and for comparison, I have collected some FPS numbers. Staring only to the FPS is not a good idea unless your system is at the lower limits. You should rather ask for smooth operation. But mine gets to these limits in certain conditions and on some planes.

The position of the aircraft is always the same. I am sitting in the default EDDN of X-Plane 11.32, ramp 32, looking forward to the buildings out of the window in a normal cockpit view. The scenery and graphics settings are as in the following image. The window is approximately full HD sized.

Computer specs are the following.
Core I7 6700 at 3.6 GHz32 GB RAMGeforce GTX 1050 TI4 GB VRAM The numbers outside the round brackets are with no rain, window effects and other effects off, some scattered cumulus, i.e., the most FPS friendly settings of these planes. The aircraft are all in cold and dark.

The numbers in round brackets are with rain effects. I was surprised to learn that most addons do not show rain effect on …

FlighFactor A320 Ultimate - Active Development Again

After a long period of painful inactivity, the developers of the FlightFactor "Ultimate" Airbus have updated the plane! We even saw a new posting of Assert on the X-Plane forums. That is promising and a good sign.

There is a change log now for the new versions 0.9.0 to 0.9.2, and another one for 0.9.3 to 0.9.4. Besides the changes under the hood or the fixes in appearance or MCDU logic, here are some major improvements.
VR compatibility. I cannot and don't want to test this due to lack of VR equipment and a capable graphics card.There are now other input methods for turning knobs. As in the FlightFactor 757, you can select to click-turn knobs. You can click with your choice of mouse button. I liked that in the 757, but don't use it in the A320.The aircraft provides commands and datarefs for all interactive elements in the cockpit. You can now put the takeover and disconnect buttons to joystick buttons without the Connector.The outside vehicles are no longer terrible …